The Instruments

This is the Sand Drum instrument by 8DIO. The particular instrument that has been sampled is a medium sized enclosed drum approximately 1 1/4″ in thickness. The thing that makes it unique and interesting is that it is filled with tiny silver metal beads that produces a nice swishing sound depending on how it’s played.

There are a total of 14 patches, 6 of them being ‘wet’ patches with an an extra control for a convolution reverb(more on that later).

For the ‘dry’ patches there are 5 different articulations. The head struck with a hotrod & mallet, the side struck with a mallet & stick and the drum struck with the beads rattling out. These are all 10x round robin giving a realistic sounding performance. These patches are all tuned so the pitch and length changes the lower or higher you play on the keyboard.

There are also 2 patches (one is tuned the other isn’t) with all of the articulations cross dissolving between the different articulations.

The interesting thing with this instrument is a patch called WAVE FX. This contains 48 different samples of the drum being swished and shaken. The mod wheel controls the offset or the start time of the sample. This is great because sometimes you won’t really want to play a whole 8 second sample when all you really want is the last 2 seconds.


The ‘wet’ patches contain an extra knob controlling the decay of a convolution reverb. There are 30 IR impulses that come with the instrument. There is, however, no way of switching between them on the actual GUI. If you are using the instrument, then you are using the full version of Kontakt so you will just have to change them manually in the insert effects.

As with a lot of instruments put out by 8DIO & SoundIron there are various ways of controlling the pitch. In every patch there is a ‘stepping’ knob which will alter the pitch(and therefore the length) by +/- 24 semitones.


All in all, this is a great little instrument. It’s a hand drum but with a bit more character and texture than some others. And all for $19 too!

This instrument is in an unlocked, open wav format so you will need the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or later to be able to use it.



©2011 Shannon Penner