I know it seems like I only do reviews for SOUNDIRON, but the fact is, they just put out such unique & inspiring instruments that I just can’t help it. I use their instruments probably more than any other. I sit down, open up Logic, open up Kontakt and then immediately browse the SOUNDIRON folder. There is always something there to inspire.

Instead of an in-depth review like some of the others I’ve done, I’m going to just give you a basic impression of SOUNDIRON’s latest instrument: Glass Beach.

First though, I think it’s necessary to give a little history. Glass Beach is an actual place in MacKerricher State Park about 150 miles from San Francisco. It used to be a garbage dump until the refuse was cleaned up, leaving only the bits of glass that were too plentiful and small to remove. Over the years the waves have smoothed the bits of glass into beautiful and colourful ‘stones’. For an idea of what it looks like, check out SOUNDIRON’s Flickr set.

So, what does it sound like? Kind of what you’d expect actually. Glassy & wet.

The instrument has a nice consistency throughout the different patches. They work really well together. They sound like they’re part of the same ‘theme’. You can however, take these sounds into much deeper and stranger sonic territory though on the included FX page. The FX available are: EQ3, Lo-Fi, Flanger, Rotator, Pro-53 Filter, Delay, Convolution and a Stereo Spreader. Enough to satisfy any sound manipulator. There is also an ‘Uberpeggiator’ included in most of the patches.

From tiny hits and scrapes to footsteps(human and dog), wave & water trickle ambiences to ‘Singing Sewer’ FX patches, this is an instrument overflowing with creativity and imagination.

With a price of a mere $9.99 it’s a no-brainer.

The music above uses ONLY sounds from the Glass Beach instrument.



music ©2011 Shannon Penner