It’s been a while since I’ve posted last but there’s been some exciting things happening lately!

First of all though, I was asked to do another demo for Soundiron. This time for a new instrument called Breaker.

It’s an interesting little beast designed for designing your own breakbeats. Specifically nice fat, dirty beats. On their site it’s described as “electro-organic: authentic and yet electronic in sound but organically playable.”

What they’ve done with this is recorded and sampled acoustic drums and percussion dry and up close at up to 8 velocity layers. So their source material is good quality stuff(as always). But then they’ve taken those samples and stacked, re-sampled and multi-tracked them to make bigger, badder, thicker and massive sounds then run those sounds through various old analog gear.

The result is an incredibly rich, thick, saturated, distorted(in a good) warm fuzzy creature that just begs to be smashed!

Check out their website for samples.

Personally, I’ve never really grown up creating breakbeats and using drum machines and samplers so my track sounds pretty different from the other tracks on their site. When Soundiron contacted me they mentioned ’90s clubs. The first thing that came to mind for me was 2 of my favourite things from the ’90s. Shoegaze and Cocteau Twins!

I’ve always wanted to write something Cocteau Twins-ish so I decided that this is the direction I wanted to take with the track. Layers of FX-laden guitars playing major 7th chords overtop a relatively simple, yet intricate, drum groove.

The nice fat, analog distorted drums really sound great. Especially in the 2nd half of the track when it goes all shoegaze an’ all. Very little FX were used on the drum tracks. Delay, reverb and a little compression here and there. The drums are that fat sounding right out of the box!



©2012 Shannon Penner