Recently, Soundiron released a wonderful new instrument: Street Erhu.

Given my penchant for ethnic instruments and my love of anything Soundiron, I just had to get it. This instrument however, is different from any other that Soundiron has made. Instead of being a ‘playable’ instrument it is a phrase library. That is not to say though, that it isn’t playable.

The sound absolutely killer and very authentic because it actually is someone playing the Erhu with all of the idiosyncrasies and techniques that are hard to script.

Containing 8 different Erhu and over 4200 different phrases, this is a hefty library.

Instead of doing a written review of the instrument I thought I’d do a little video tutorial of how I used the instrument in a track. I’ve never used a phrase library before and I’ve found it hard to find tutorials on working with them. So this might be helpful to others in the same boat.

The track I composed is called Sun Wukong: The Monkey King.



©2012 Shannon Penner