Orchestral examples

Some very cool things are brewing here at Plunk & Boom. I’ve been taking a course from Berklee College of Music and the knowledge I’m gaining is absolutely invaluable! I have been expanding my musical palette with some orchestral compositions.

Here’s a playlist of some of my orchestral examples:

There’s going to be some exciting things happening soon at P&B so stay in touch!


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Moustache Police Cops – pilot episode!

I had the extreme pleasure to be involved in the production of the pilot episode of a new webseries developed by Bad Canadian Pictures and Solis Animation. It’s called Moustache Police Cops and it’s clever live-action & puppet blend.

You can watch it on the Bad Canadian Pictures’ YouTube channel or right here:

I recorded all the location audio, did the sound design, composed the music and did the audio mix. I’ve even got a small cameo!

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon-ish!


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It’s been a while since an update, but here’s what’s been going on:

1) Bad Canadian Pictures’ short film: Will, was played at Film North a few weekends ago in Huntsville, ON. It got some great reception and we walked away encouraged!

2) Our little FISH that could, is an official selection at the Gold Coast International Film Festival in New York this month!

3) Bad Canadian Pictures now has an official website!


I will be back soon with more updates!

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Software Review – Angklung by SOUNDIRON

I have always been impressed by the creative and unique route that SOUNDIRON has taken with their selection of sampled instruments. From their ‘Laundronium‘ to their ‘Street Erhu‘ the instruments are always inspiring and distinctive.

The same applies to their latest instrument: The Angklung.

Honestly, I had never even heard of this instrument before, so Continue reading

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Production Grand GUI

One of the things I’ve been up to lately has been designing the GUI(Graphic User Interface) for the latest instrument by Production Voices which is hopefully going to be released in November.

The instrument is called “Production Grand” and is an absolutely enormous sampled piano. 436GB and will be shipping on it’s own hard drive. It was recorded with 8 different microphones through a Neve console at 3 different sample rates. Continue reading

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