Writer, Producer & Director: Greg Zajac
Co-Producers: Simon L. Baker, Shannon Penner
Music & Sound Design: Shannon Penner

Badass is a great little sketch comedy about, well, I don’t want to give away the punchline so go ahead and watch it.

I had the opportunity to write some heavy rock/industrial music for the score. Great fun! I even composed the 80’s hair metal tune played in the car. Boy, that brings me back…

One of the challenges for this film was the showdown between all of the Badasses. The way it was shot was an homage to the classic spaghetti westerns like The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I attempted some Morricone-type cues but they really didn’t work, so I built the tension using mostly percussion.

This score was an absolute blast to work on!

music ©2012 Shannon Penner

  • original music composition
  • mix
  • sound design

Watch Badass: