Directed by Les & Lou Solis
Written by Lou Solis
Created by Greg Zajac, Les & Lou Solis
Music & Sound Design by Shannon Penner
Credit Music by Greg Zajac, arr. by Shannon Penner

 Bad Canadian Pictures have teamed up with Solis Animation to create the fantastic property – Moustache Police Cops. This live action & puppet blend pokes fun at the ‘Clark Kent’ disguise. You know, he removes his glasses and all of a sudden he’s superman. Well, the disguises here are moustaches, with one for all situations.

The music was a blast to write! I’ve always wanted to write some 70’s cop show style music and I finally got the chance!

music ©2013 Shannon Penner
credit music ©2013 Greg Zajac

  • original music composition
  • sound design
  • mix
  • location recording