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Coffee Grinder coming soon!

I just finished scoring the short film ‘Coffee Grinder’ by Mountain Man Media & Bad Canadian Pictures!

Who knew that getting a cup of coffee on your way to work could be dangerous?

Stay tuned for more news and release dates.


Soundiron’s Street Erhu

Recently, Soundiron released a wonderful new instrument: Street Erhu.

Given my penchant for ethnic instruments and my love of anything Soundiron, I just had to get it. This instrument however, is different from any other that Soundiron has made. Instead of being a ‘playable’ instrument it is Continue Reading



It’s been a while since I’ve posted last but there’s been some exciting things happening lately!

First of all though, I was asked to do another demo for Soundiron. This time for a new instrument called Breaker.

It’s an interesting little beast designed for designing your own breakbeats. Specifically nice fat, dirty beats. Continue Reading