Soundiron’s Street Erhu

Recently, Soundiron released a wonderful new instrument: Street Erhu.

Given my penchant for ethnic instruments and my love of anything Soundiron, I just had to get it. This instrument however, is different from any other that Soundiron has made. Instead of being a ‘playable’ instrument it is Continue Reading


It’s been a while since I’ve posted last but there’s been some exciting things happening lately!

First of all though, I was asked to do another demo for Soundiron. This time for a new instrument called Breaker.

It’s an interesting little beast designed for designing your own breakbeats. Specifically nice fat, dirty beats. Continue Reading

Groovy Train – experiments in ‘underground’ composition…

I have recently been doing the audio for a short film where 2 people meet on a subway train. It tells the story of the initial spark that is the beginning of their relationship.

The audio for the film took on a very interesting role. There is very little dialogue and what little there is got intentionally covered up by the sound design. We are only supposed to catch snippets of their conversation as if we’re listening in from a bit of a distance. The music was supposed to be very sound design-y. Not traditionally scored. I wanted to build all of the musical elements out of location sounds that I recorded from the TTC subway.

This piece of music is one of my experiments in the process. I thought to keep it Continue Reading

Software Review 04 : Glass Beach by SOUNDIRON

I know it seems like I only do reviews for SOUNDIRON, but the fact is, they just put out such unique & inspiring instruments that I just can’t help it. I use their instruments probably more than any other. I sit down, open up Logic, open up Kontakt and then immediately browse the SOUNDIRON folder. There is always something there to inspire.

Instead of an in-depth review like some of the others I’ve done, I’m going to just give you a basic impression of SOUNDIRON’s latest instrument: Glass Beach.
Continue Reading