Software Review 04 : Glass Beach by SOUNDIRON

I know it seems like I only do reviews for SOUNDIRON, but the fact is, they just put out such unique & inspiring instruments that I just can’t help it. I use their instruments probably more than any other. I sit down, open up Logic, open up Kontakt and then immediately browse the SOUNDIRON folder. There is always something there to inspire.

Instead of an in-depth review like some of the others I’ve done, I’m going to just give you a basic impression of SOUNDIRON’s latest instrument: Glass Beach.
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Software review 03 : Luminabells by SoundIron

The Concept

I really love the approach that SOUNDIRON takes to instrument sampling. Very unique and conceptual. Previously I reviewed an instrument of theirs: Imbibaphones, which is based entirely on wine glasses and champagne flutes. These objects have actually been used as musical instruments over the years, but I’m not sure if the subject of Luminabells have.

Light bulbs.

Simple everyday objects that, as you will see, possess remarkably Continue Reading

Software Review 02 : Sand Drum by 8Dio

The Instruments

This is the Sand Drum instrument by 8DIO. The particular instrument that has been sampled is a medium sized enclosed drum approximately 1 1/4″ in thickness. The thing that makes it unique and interesting is that it is filled with tiny silver metal beads that produces a nice swishing sound depending on how it’s played.

There are a total of 14 patches, 6 of them being ‘wet’ patches with an an extra control for a convolution reverb(more on that later).

For the ‘dry’ patches there are 5 different articulations. The head struck with a hotrod & mallet, the side struck with a mallet & stick and the drum struck with the beads rattling out. Continue Reading